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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What I made today....

Today I went to a lovely friend's house, she is a Stampin Up Demonstrator.  We made two cards today, I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the next class.  Here are the two cards I made.  The first is a card made to look like a wallet, so clever, and you can use it for any occasion maybe popping in a gift card in the credit card section.  Also was my first time embossing anything!!!   The second card I changed to suit myself from her original design. 


  1. Ali, whoop! whoop! for your first ever embossing session! cool isn't it? first time I saw the white powder nagically disappear and go clear was fascinating!
    Beautiful cards, I really like the wallet idea :)

  2. wow if you could buy a real wallet looking like that ?! :)

  3. Ah! Ali found you! I know you are following my blog but did not know who "Baba Babble" was. lol
    Love the wallet card the embossing is wonderful. Will be back so be warned. ;)