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Friday, 22 July 2011

Countdown is on!!!

The countdown is on till our next family holiday.  We are off to Cairns for Hubby's 40th Birthday, and youngest son's 11th Birthday.  Along for the ride will be my parents.  What to do! What to do!.......been surfing the web on what to do when we are up there, at this point there is no itinerary, we are just playing it by ear.

So far, we are thinking (nothing in concrete yet), maybe whale watching, breakfast with the lions at the Safari Park, up to Kuranda , visit the butterfly sanctuary, go to Port Douglas, go to the Daintree, maybe see a croc or two......anyways thats whats floating round the place at the moment, and not necessarily in that order.

After being sick, and the kids also last school holidays, Im definitely looking forward to the next ones......

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  1. Ali Baba Indeed - used some magic to figure it out. I am sure the holiday will all fall into place often the unplanned turn out to be the best. How about posting some of your own creations for us to see. XO