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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What I made today....

Today I went to a lovely friend's house, she is a Stampin Up Demonstrator.  We made two cards today, I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the next class.  Here are the two cards I made.  The first is a card made to look like a wallet, so clever, and you can use it for any occasion maybe popping in a gift card in the credit card section.  Also was my first time embossing anything!!!   The second card I changed to suit myself from her original design. 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mail from Germany!!!

My lovely mate Smilie from Germany sent me a package, it was choc-a-block full.  Thank you for each little individual package for each member of the family.  I love the handmade 'Lillies' hairclips, us girls love them.  The boys love the badges you made also.  The chocolate was eaten for breakfast by the kids (as the parcel was delivered early this morn), I have yet to savour mine with a cuppa later tonight, Hubby will probably snort his down in two seconds flat.

Also love the little fairy people, the stamped birdies, and the two beautiful cards you made.  We were way spoilt by Smilie.  Here is a couple of pics

Friday, 22 July 2011

Countdown is on!!!

The countdown is on till our next family holiday.  We are off to Cairns for Hubby's 40th Birthday, and youngest son's 11th Birthday.  Along for the ride will be my parents.  What to do! What to do!.......been surfing the web on what to do when we are up there, at this point there is no itinerary, we are just playing it by ear.

So far, we are thinking (nothing in concrete yet), maybe whale watching, breakfast with the lions at the Safari Park, up to Kuranda , visit the butterfly sanctuary, go to Port Douglas, go to the Daintree, maybe see a croc or two......anyways thats whats floating round the place at the moment, and not necessarily in that order.

After being sick, and the kids also last school holidays, Im definitely looking forward to the next ones......

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The mailman has brought me a card from afar...

Yes, another card has turned up in my letterbox, all the way from Denmark.  I had to laugh when I opened it, cause most people know that a few weeks back my glands were up on both sides of my neck and I had mentioned that I looked like a squirrel storing nuts in its cheeks, well this friend made me a squirrel card.  She has done a fabulous job on it, and I love it cause we dont have squirrels here, so this card is special, thanks A :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Cards received from International Friends

I have received some beautiful cards in the post from friends near and far.  Just wanted to share some recent cards. 
Thank you girls for thinking of me and sending me these beautiful cards XXX

And so it begins......

.This is my first post, so bare with me on this.  It might take me a while to work this out :)